ADI’s Sarah Becomes Bat Mitzvah

חניכים בכסאות גלגלים במסיבת בת מצוה Residents in wheelchairs at Bat Mitzvah party

ADI Jerusalem was humming with activity as everyone – residents, staff, and volunteers past and present – joined in on the preparations for Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah.

At ADI from the earliest years of her life, Sarah is a happy, cheerful young girl loved by all. Though her birthday passed a few months ago, the staff at ADI decided to hold off on the celebration until corona regulations once again permitted large gatherings and Sarah could have the kind of Bat Mitzvah she deserved.

With crowds gathered on the roof of the ADI Jerusalem building, Sarah made her entrance in a beautiful white dress and crown of flowers, looking every bit the princess she is.

Guests were treated to an exquisite sweet bar as a DJ from Kiryat Arba spun music in the background and called to join in the dancing and a photographer from the town of Efrat took pictures to be printed as party-favor magnets. A balloon artist from Northern Israel took a day off from work especially for Sarah and came to ADI to decorated the rooftop with her unique creations.

All participants donated their services in honor in Sarah, who smiled and laughed the entire time as she celebrated her special day surrounded by the classmates, staff and volunteers who love her.

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