ADI’s Rehabilitative Gardening Program Sprouts . . .  A Wedding!

חתן וכלה מצטלמים עם חברים Bride and groom with friends

Yosef Morano arrived at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran four years ago as a rehabilitation patient-employee in the village’s Gardeners Without Borders Program.

Referred to the village by Israel’s National Insurance Institute following a work accident in which he lost three fingers and injured his shoulder, Yosef had already taken part in an unsuccessful rehabilitation program under other auspices. Pessimistic about his ability to return to the workforce as a productive member of society, depressed and addicted to his pain-killing medications, Yosef was still willing to give rehabilitation one more try as a participant in ADI’s novel rehabilitative gardening program.

After a little more than one year in the program, Yosef had undergone a significant transformation. “They gave me my self-confidence back,” Yosef divulged. “Without this program, I would have gone back to drugs and possibly lived on the street. To get up in the morning with purpose and help grow and produce food to feed others empowered me. I knew that I was doing something positive.”

It was then that Yosef met his future wife, Tikva Ben-Shalosh, and now, two short years later, Yosef’s fellow gardeners, ADI staff, National Service girls and international volunteers looked on with delight as Yosef and Tivka stood under the chuppah to begin a new life together.

Dear Yosef! We are so thrilled to celebrate this momentous day in your life. You chose the path of life and you succeeded in your choice. May you and your dear wife continue to grow and continue planting new roots of hope, confidence and optimism for many years to come.

Mazal Tov!

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