ADI’s “Part of Me” Project Celebrates Familial Connections

ADI creates a loving and familial environment and provides its residents with all of the specialized services they need to live a quality life.  Still, our dedicated staff and volunteers understand the importance of helping developing children maintain a strong connection with biological family members and go above and beyond to ensure that our residents’ families remain an integral part of their lives.

Last week, ADI’s Jerusalem facility hosted an event for the residents’ extended families – including parents, siblings, grandparents and cousins – called “Part of Me.”  At the special event, the ADI residents worked with their family members to create large puzzle pieces that represented their unique personalities and the special places they hold within their biological families.  Using multicolored paints, markers, and glitters, a wide variety of art supplies, and family pictures, letters, and other special items brought from home, the families created some truly amazing puzzle pieces.  Once all of the pieces were decorated, the families helped the ADI staff and volunteers put them together to create one big, complete puzzle – a visual representation of the diverse and beautiful ADI family.

The ADI residents thoroughly enjoyed spending time with their families and learned that thanks to our varying abilities, backgrounds and points of view, we are all important parts of the puzzle.

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