ADI’s Nonverbal Residents Communicating at the Blink of an Eye

Thanks to amazing eye-controlled technology, ADI residents who are unable to move any part of their bodies are finally able to communicate with staff members and volunteers, write messages to friends, and even sing along during class time! Utilizing “Focus System” technology, the ADI residents communicate by closing and opening their eyes and focusing on objects on a specially designed touch screen – their eyes serve as a mouse whose actions are captured by a highly sensitive camera. More and more residents are learning how to use this revolutionary communication tool every day, and it has changed their lives completely.

For example, a young ADI resident names Yair has benefitted tremendously from the “Focus System” technology. At the beginning of every day, he takes great pride in wishing the staff and volunteers a hearty “Good Morning.” Thereafter, he uses the system to play games that expand his mind and bring him immense joy. Yair also takes the opportunity to let the ADI staff know if he is experiencing any discomfort.

ADI’s goal is to enable each child, regardless of the severity of the disability, to realize his or her fullest potential, and state-of-the-art technology like “Focus System” helps us achieve that goal.

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