ADI Volunteers Bring Their Friends Home to Celebrate Passover Together

Much has been said about the exceptional relationships between ADI residents and volunteers.  These are special ties that develop through unique situations in which the giver becomes the receiver, creating bonds of care, friendship and love.

This past Passover, four volunteers felt they could not celebrate the holiday without their dear friends. Challenges were overcome, logistics were settled, and four ADI residents spent Passover engulfed in the warmth, love and caring of four families of ADI volunteers, sharing the Seder night and enjoying outdoor trips during the remaining holiday days.

Chen and Shlomi were each in Kokhav Hashahar with families of volunteers. Shira spent Passover in Be’er Ganim with the family of a National Service volunteer, and Chana was with yet another National Service volunteer and her family in the city of Modi’in.

Four dear friends shared the four cups of wine on this special night, and the real winners were the four families who merited witnessing and becoming part of these four special relationships.

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