ADI Teams Up with Social Nadlan to Make a Difference

Balancing scale with coins on one side and house on the other side מאזניים עם בית בצד אחד ומטבעות בצד שני

ADI is proud to join hands with Social Nadlan, an Israeli real estate platform seeking to make a difference.

In an endeavor to derive some good from Israel’s complex real estate situation, businessman Dan Harpaz and investor Kevin Ziv-El came up with a unique idea that enables non-profit organizations such as ADI to benefit from the skyrocketing cost of homes throughout the country.

Social Nadlan, a platform for buyers and sellers of properties in Israel, acts as an intermediate agent and, in doing so, funnels a portion of brokerage fees that accompany real estate transactions to charity organizations such as ADI. Each time a property is sold via Social Nadlan, the platform receives a percentage of the agent’s commission. The commission is subsequently passed on to a charity organization of choice, such as ADI. Social Nadlan retains only minimum funds to cover operating costs.

Due to its larger social media presence, Social Nadlan offers agents increased exposure to a more extensive purchasing public, enhancing their prospects of closing a deal. Though just starting out, the promising platform already lists properties in over ten Israeli cities and towns.

Recognizing ADI’s outstanding dedication in providing first-rate care to people with disabilities as well as ADI’s unique contribution to Israeli society through community programs and partnerships, Social Nadlan saw ADI as a perfect partner and potential beneficiary in this innovative social initiative, featuring ADI in a recent Facebook post.

If you are selling or buying property in Israel, follow the link below, select ADI as your charity of choice, and join the people who make a difference.

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