ADI Rocks Along with Koach Magshimim and the Israel Police Band

Village residents and students swayed back and forth, clapped hands and rocked along as they enjoyed a private concert by the Israel Police Band. Thanks to cooperation between the Yehuda Brigade, Har Chevron Police, members of the Israel Police Band and “Koach Magshimim,” the longtime dream became a reality, as all participants congregated in the Sports Complex of the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center to hear the band play a repertoire of Israeli songs, beloved classics handed down from generation to generation that never grow too old or out of date.

Sixty years ago, a group of friends serving in the Nahal army unit signed a pact obligating each member to do good deeds for others. Upon completion of their army service, the group turned their activities to the general public in Israel and began organizing dozens of projects, the common denominator among them being the spread happiness. The original group adopted the name “Koach Magshimim” – Power to Achieve – and members have been busy carrying out their original task ever since.

Our sincere thanks to all of the partners who came together to enlighten the lives of ADI residents, students, staff and volunteers: Yaakov Solar, Ariel Porush, Yankele Friedman from Koach Magshimim; Chief Superintendent Ilan Barchak, commander of the Har Chevron police station; Sergeant First Class Beni Ulan, community police officer; Colonel Yishai Rozilio, Yehuda Brigade commander; Deganit Sedres, ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran coordinator of volunteers; and all police volunteers who  helped fill our hearts with music and song.

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