ADI Residents Design Their Homes!

ADI Residents Design Their Homes!

ADI Residents Design Their Homes!

The Vocational Therapy Program at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran includes a Ceramics Workshop, where residents create a variety of beautiful crafts.  The workshop set goals and activities to further the development of motor and functional skills, as per each participant’s abilities, and this year, featured a unique creative art project carefully chosen for the benefit of our residents.

LeADIng artist Yael Strauss was brought to ADI Negev on a weekly basis to head the workshop. Yael chose to create with the participants an artistic product that would purport meaning to the residents and represent an important facet of their lives: a mosaic sign that would be hung at the entrance to their own residences and for the various centers throughout the village, giving the village a uniform, classy yet homey look that was designed by the residents themselves.

The program involved the residents of each of the 5 ADI Negev homes in every aspect of the project: selecting the mosaic stones according to their preference of size and color; painstakingly creating the design and laying the stones out; designating the precise spot for hanging the sign above the entrance and hanging the signs themselves.  The proud feeling of achievement was accompanied by the pride and joy in enhancing the beauty of their own homes.

A festive ceremony marked completion of the program. Together with their own ADI family – their residence mates, staff members and National Service Girls – the residents looked with great satisfaction upon the mosaic signs fashioned by their own doing.

What a great sign of our times!

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