ADI Receives COVID-19 Relief Grant from The Genesis Prize Foundation and Human Rights Legend Natan Sharansky

In an act of extreme benevolence and incomparable leadership, legendary human rights activist and 2020 Genesis Prize Laureate Natan Sharansky chose to direct his $1 million award to organizations battling the Coronavirus pandemic and supporting the individuals impacted most throughout the crisis. We are so grateful to Natan Sharansky and the Genesis Prize Foundation for selecting ADI as one of the recipients of this incredibly generous, life-saving support.

As the world attempts to return to normal, our ADI residents – all of whom have compromised immune systems and weak respiratory functioning – are still very much at risk, and we must continue to shield them from COVID-19. Our Genesis Prize grant will help us maintain our sterile environment and provide our dedicated professional staff and volunteers with the tools they need to ensure the safety and continued health of our precious ADI residents.

Thank you, Natan, for looking out for ADI and doing your part to provide our residents – the most vulnerable members of Israeli society – with everything they need to not just survive but thrive.


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