Made just prior to their upcoming volunteer work at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, the testimonies of German youth from the March of Life organization in Germany is an important element in our quest for Tikkun Olam. March of Life’s mission is to expose the horrors of racial theory and atrocities perpetrated by Nazi Germany during World War II, in order to educate future generations toward a just society of Equality, Brotherhood, and Love of Mankind regardless of origin. The recent visit to ADI Negev by March of Life’s co-founder Jobst Bittner drove home the profound realization that only a place such as ADI Negev, devoted to society’s most vulnerable individuals – who are the inexorable subject of prejudice and stereotyping – can educate a new generation in the unconditional love of mankind.

Moving statements by the young volunteers soon expected at ADI Negev from Germany are found on YouTube at

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