ADI Moriah Students Play in the National Pétanque Competition

For the fifth consecutive year, students of ADI Moriah joined the National Pétanque competition sponsored by the Israeli Special Games Association. This year’s competition took place in Herzliya.

Pétanque is played by throwing smaller balls at a central target ball, with points awarded according to whose balls are closest to the cochonnet, the target ball. The game demands planning, concentration and coordination.

The games were played in the “unified” format in which each team numbered two residents together with the trainer who coached them during the year. Five ADI Moriah residents participated in the competition, together with three staff members, joining special groups from all over the country, as well as members of the Herzliya Pétanque Club.

Residents made a good showing in the competition and are already excited for next year’s games.

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