ADI Moriah On the Road Again

ADI Moriah On the Road Again

Once again residents, staff, volunteers and national service girls of ADI Moriah took to the road and this time to — Eilat!

The excitement of our annual two-day southern vacation began as soon as our residents saw the bus pull up in front of the center. Our amazingly efficient National Service girls and overseas volunteers helped the staff make sure everyone was ready and boarded on time to begin the adventure.

First stop on the trip was Be’er Sheva, the capital of the Negev, and from there to Mitzpe Rimon, where we visited the Rimon Visitors’ Center, named after Israeli astronaut Ilan Rimon z”l. We also toured the spectacular and breathtaking Rimon Crater nature reserve, and spent the night with our friends at “Shivilim BaMidbar” where we sang and danced into the night.

Next day we continued on to our main destination, Eilat, visiting the Underwater Observatory Marine Park. The wonder and interest on our children’s faces as they saw the fascinating and unusual sights and creatures of underwater life were amazing to behold.

After lunch we set off on the return trip, back home to ADI Moriah. The long journey seemed to fly by as our seemingly tireless National Service girls — their ardor and dedication still at full strength after two busy days — kept everyone’s spirits up.

Another outstanding trip for the residents of ADI Moriah, made successful by the dedication of our staff, National Service girls and overseas volunteers!

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