ADI Kids Celebrate Purim All Week Long!

Fun and excitement abounded at ADI during the week of Purim, with residents of all facilities enjoying parties, fairs and good times.

ADI Moriah residents took to the road, making their annual Purim visit to the local kindergarten, where they participated in the children’s Purim party.  Residents were presented with an impressive mishloach manot (trADItional Purim gift of food and drinks), purchased from money that the kindergarten children saved all year long especially for this purpose. During their weekly excursion to Moshav Nir Galim, residents had a blast at the local Purim fair with its many fun booths, activities and, of course, prizes for all.

At yet another outing, residents visited the theatre to see a musical play about Purim. Residents were amused by the characters and loved the songs, laughing and singing along with the cast.

Inclusion at its best!

In Bnei Brak, ADI students dressed up in costumes and took to the streets in their wheelchairs, singing and dancing with everyone. Our fantastic National Service volunteers decorated the streets with ribbons, balloons and signs, and treats abounded for all.

Upon conclusion of the happening, all of the balloons were released simultaneously, creating a sight well worth seeing.

ADI Jerusalem held its annual Purim party for residents and their families, with everyone using their imagination to create costumes alluding to different cities and towns in Israel. Activity stations, a costume competition and a musical show were all part of the party, ensuring that a good time was had by all.

The trADItional joint Purim activity between residents of ADI Jerusalem and students from the Jewish Institute for the Blind was extremely moving. Jewish Institute for the Blind students went from class to class at ADI Jerusalem, singing and dancing with ADI residents. This very special party personified joy and happiness for all.

ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran had a most exciting day when Israeli television host and actor Tal Moserri and the Idan 2000 Surprise Car arrived at the village to entertain the children for Purim. Music, make-up, costumes, gifts and prizes made for an exhilarating afternoon enjoyed by the entire village.

THANK YOU to all our supporters for making our Purim Campaign so successful!

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