ADI Jerusalem Offers Free Hydrotherapy Support to War Evacuees

בריכה הידרותרפיה Hydrotherapy pool

ADI Jerusalem reached out with a supportive program to benefit the many evacuees and displaced persons who found refuge in Jerusalem while trying to escape the constant barrage of missiles fired on their communities by Hamas in the south and Hizballah in the north.

Based on years of experience, the ADI Jerusalem staff knows the therapeutic effect of hydrotherapy on both body and soul. Wanting to do their part to assist evacuees, ADI Jerusalem opened its well-kept hydrotherapy pool to mothers and women displaced into city hotels since being evacuated from their homes.

ADI Jerusalem CEO Shlomit Grayevsky, “The evacuees had no idea what was waiting for them, however after one session, they knew they wanted more. We had water aerobics, and women had the opportunity to talk to each other about their war experiences. More than a few tears were added to the pool water, but there were also a lot of smiles, hugs and mutual support.”

The free one-on-one hydrotherapy sessions and water aerobics lessons are provided by professional hydrotherapists who volunteer their time for the benefit of the displaced mothers and women.

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