ADI Jerusalem and Flatbush Yeshiva Share Good Times

Yeshiva of Flatbush students merited yet another visit to ADI Jerusalem this year, bringing with them their usual energy, joy and love.

This year’s students joined in on various classroom activities, heard about ADI’s state-of-the-art therapies and programs, and participated in a joint musical activity with ADI students in the building’s central lobby.

The highlight of the ongoing relationship between ADI and the Yeshiva of Flatbush is the yeshiva’s trADItional trip to Israel, organized and run by Rabbi Besser. The continual visits by the students to ADI strengthens the ties between the two groups, and emphasizes to ADI students the sense of care and feelings of friendship on the part of their counterparts in the United States.  At the same time, it bolsters understanding and compassion among the yeshiva students.

Both groups benefit from this special relationship, proving once again that inclusion and friendship overcome all distances.

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