ADI Celebrates Family Day

Family Day at the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitative Village has become a trADItion, with staff and students inviting their families to enjoy a very special experience. The purpose of the event is to expose parents to the wide range of activities and educational material their children are involved with on a daily basis.

The day began with everyone gathering to hear introductory remarks, and continued on to activities in the classrooms themselves. Parents and children participated together in a rich and varied program: a music activity, cake decorating, therapeutic gardening, dog therapy session, yoga and laughter workshop, a creative arts project, and animal therapy session.

Events such as Family Day enable the families to connect to the world of their children, who spend the majority of their day in an educational framework.  At ADI Negev, we consider it a priority to involve the families in their children’s daily lives, working together to help the children advance, with cooperation beginning at school and continuing at home.

Many thanks to the school staff for their ongoing love, dedication and daily care, and for the superb and significant day they arranged for the parents and students.


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