ADI 4 You Presents – ONCE UPON A BOY

An Inspiring and Empowering ZOOM Movie Event

Reaching out to the community with yet another innovative group event, ADI 4 You organized and sponsored home viewing of the highly profound movie ONCE UPON A BOY, a thought-provoking film that tells the story of an ordinary family, their oldest son Ron, born with CP, and his twin brothers. Screening of the film was followed by an open ZOOM conference discussion featuring film producer Ori Levy and Ron’s mother, Hila.

Upon conclusion of the event participants immediately took to Twitter and WhatsApp to express their feelings and impressions:

 “I just finished watching the movie and can’t stop crying. This movie is so empowering. An amazing family.”

“Please, can you arrange another viewing of this movie for those who weren’t able to participate?”

“Thank you so much. You gave me an incredible gift with this movie.”

“Thank you so much. A truly moving and heartwarming film that encouraged and inspired me”

Registration for the event surpassed all expectations, but was limited to 200 participants due to technological considerations.

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