ADI 4 YOU – In Tune with Changing Community Needs

Constantly connected and aware of the needs of the community, ADI 4 YOU, the ADI organization’s community support group and guidance center, has been hosting a series of on-line meetings, consultations, Q&A sessions and informational seminars for families of people with disabilities to keep people informed and up-to-date during this time of new social interaction norms.

Topics discussed during Zoom sessions range from ongoing matters such as financial rights, community living arrangements and continual care to current event issues rising out of the Corona-based culture of isolation and social distancing that has dominated our lives for the past three months and has taken an exceptional toll on people with disabilities and their families.

The ADI 4 YOU expanded and adapted activities are in addition to the program’s ongoing Hotline and Very Special Babysitter programs which have seen an influx of activity during recent months, providing indispensable services to hundreds of people throughout the country.

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