A spectacular Bat Mitzvah for spectacular Twins!

A spectacular Bat Mitzvah for spectacular Twins!

A spectacular Bat Mitzvah for spectacular Twins!

On Thursday, June 27, ADI Bnei Brak hosted the beautiful Twinning Bat Mitzvah celebration of Hannah Klein of Boca Raton, Florida, and ADI resident Anna Ketzvashvilli. Hannah and Anna have been developing a beautiful long-distance relationship for months via skype and video, so they were very excited to finally meet in person. From the moment the ‘Twins’ met, they were inseparable. Hannah didn’t leave Anna’s side, and their friendship blossomed as they marked their special day together.

Festivities began on the center’s rooftop play area, where Hannah and Anna were welcomed by cheering relatives and friends, after which a lively dance party ensued. Hannah and Anna then learned about the mitzvah of ‘hafrashat challah’ (separating a small portion of dough before baking a batch bread) using beautiful magnets printed for the occasion, and invited all of the women present to share in their first mitzvah as Jewish adults. Everyone braided gorgeous challahs, later baked in the ADI kitchen.

The Bat Mitzvah celebration continued with canine therapy in one of the Center’s special education classrooms, an especially exciting experience for Hannah, whose Bat Mitzvah project entailed raising funds to cover the expense of weekly canine therapy for Anna and her friends at ADI. (Please help Hannah achieve her goal)

In an emotional exchange, Hannah first made a personal gift presentation to Anna and then presented additional toys and games for Anna’s special education class. Hannah and her parents were thrilled to receive plaques and gifts from ADI, remembrances of this special day and their friendship and commitment to ADI.

The party concluded with a beautiful spread of delicious food, and as party guests got set to leave, ADI Bnei Brak staff and volunteers distributed the freshly baked challahs made earlier in the day.

MAZAL TOV, HANNAH and ANNA! You’re superstars!

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