A special visit from Khalad al-Jalahma – The Kingdom of Bahrain Ambassador to Israel

דורון אלמוג וד"ר זיו-ניר עם שגריר בחריין בעדי נגב Doron Almog and Dr. Siev-Ner with Bahrain ambassador at ADI Negev

A meaningful and significant visit took place last Thursday when Kingdom of Bahrain Ambassador to Israel, the Honorable Khalad al-Jalahma, visited the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran rehabilitative village.

Major-Gen. (Res.) Doron Almog, founder and chair of the rehabilitation village, village CEO Avi Wortzman and Dr. Zaki Siev-Ner, director of the new Kaylie Rehabilitative Medical Center met Ambassador al-Jalahma and escorted him around the premises, explaining the history of the village from its inception to its most recent developments and ongoing plans for the future.

Ambassador al-Jalahma toured the new Kaylie Rehabilitative Medical Center, including Israel’s first translational neuro-rehabilitation lab, the Lillian and David E. Feldman Research Center for Rehabilitative Sciences, and was duly impressed as he viewed the innovative rehabilitation methods put into practice at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran. The ambassador was awed upon observing the wide range of therapies offered at the village, the hydrotherapy pool, the rehabilitative safari and the agricultural farm and seeing employees with disabilities at work in ADI’s Gardeners Without Borders program.

Meeting professional staff, caregivers and volunteers of all backgrounds from all over the country and the world, Ambassador al-Jalahma expressed his candid admiration to all those involved in the important, hallowed work done at the village and their dedication to the wellbeing and welfare of the community of people with disabilities.

“It is simply awe-inspiring to visit this village and become familiar with the advanced Rehabilitative Medical Center from an up-close perspective,” commented Ambassador al-Jalahma, “and to see how they include and care for such a wide-range of disabilities, always examining new and advanced methods necessary for rehabilitation.”

Dr. Zaki Siev-Ner responded to the ambassador’s words saying that, “we were flattered by the visit of the Honorable Ambassador Khalad al-Jalahma. . . In the Kingdom of Bahrain, people honor individuals with disabilities, and there is even a government minister responsible for care in this area. The Kingdom of Bahrain, as a very advanced country, appreciates innovative technological developments, research and education, and the Honorable Ambassador found all of these components here, with us. . . In Bahrain, people with disabilities are referred to as people with determination. Without a doubt, that definition reflects the respect that the people of Bahrain have for people with disabilities. We look towards the future, with hope of advancing cooperation in the field of rehabilitation, a field of great importance to both countries.”

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