A Siddur Party Like No Other

ADI’s Special Education School in Jerusalem recently hosted its annual Siddur Party for first grade students, gifting the young children with their very own siddur (prayer book).

This year’s celebration took on a different format than previous years in order to shield ADI’s immunocompromised residents from COVID-19, yet the excitement and joy stayed the same.

The usual outing to a synagogue and the Western Wall which typically precedes the yearly celebration was cancelled due to the still-raging pandemic. Additionally, parents and siblings were not able to attend the festivities, as it is imperative that the center maintains its strict sterilization protocols. Still, ADI’s dedicated Special Education teachers pulled out all the stops to produce one of the most meaningful celebrations yet.

Dressed in festive clothes, the students sang and danced with the staff and volunteers, watched a special presentation created just for them, and received a special sensory prayer book developed by ADI’s professional staff, personalized for each child. As the students enjoyed the festivities at ADI, parents watched from home via video conference.

We are so grateful to our incredible ADI staff for overcoming numerous obstacles to create a truly beautiful program for our amazing kids. EVERY child deserves EVERY opportunity to grow – physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

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