A Second ADI 4 You Presentation: My Hero Brother

ADI 4 You garnered yet another success with a second ZOOM movie event, bringing together people from all over the country for a meaningful evening of inspiration and reflection.

A Yonaton Nir film, My Hero Brother is an award-winning documentary about a group of young people with Down Syndrome who embark on a challenging trip through the Himalayas with their siblings. Conflicts and challenges of various natures and degrees surface during this unique journey as group members deal with physical and emotional issues, both foreseeable and unanticipated.

The powerfully emotional movie drew passionate comments from participants.

“Thank you so much. This was an amazing film that warmed my heart. It provided me with strength, showing me how important it is not to give up.”

“Thank you!! This was so moving. Excellent. We watched it together with our younger brother. Truly inspiring, providing a window into the lives of our brothers. This wonderful momentum of activity provides strength to the families.”

“Thank you again! I was so moved during the entire film. I couldn’t stop crying. We have so much appreciation and gratitude for all that you do. I can’t wait to receive the next invitation to join another project. With tremendous thanks and appreciation.”

Stay tuned for more ADI 4 You projects and activities.

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