A Renewing Change of Pace for Police at ADI Jerusalem

Police officer with ADI resident שוטר עם חניך בעדי

After weeks of unending tension throughout the country, officers in the Israeli police force took some time out for a change of pace and bit of relaxation.

One special group of the men in blue chose to renew their strength by a visit to ADI Jerusalem where they joined students and residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities for a morning of special activities.

But the morning of music and enjoyment was not all fun and no work.  Police officers also used the time to help students practice their walking, encouraging them to keep up with their exercises to stay as physically fit as possible.

“We came to fill up with new energy in order to continue dealing with the not-so-simple situation in Israel,” commented officers at the end of the day. “We enjoyed ourselves immensely and are grateful for the opportunity given to us.”


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