A Pre-Sukkot Partnership: ADI Ofakim Vocational Center and Nitinat Lulav at Work Together

Packaging etrogim at ADI Ofakim אורזים אתרוגים בעדי אופקים

Employees at the ADI Ofakim Vocational Center, a joint initiative between ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran and the Municipality of Ofakim to advance fair employment and open-market work experience for people with intellectual developmental disabilities, have been hard at work for the past week getting ready for the upcoming holiday of Sukkot.

The young adults employed by the Center carefully place well-wrapped etrogim into boxes, close the boxes and seal them with a label, before passing the finished project on to be included in the Arba Minim (Four Species) package for sale as part of the Nitinat Lulav project.

Nitinat Lulav is a non-profit organization that was established with the goal of adding an extra touch of charity to the process of acquiring Arba Minim (the Four Species) used on the holiday Sukkot. Proceeds from the purchase of Arba Minim sets via Nitinat Lulav are donated to a charity of choice, adding extra social value to the purchase.


Thanks to the ADI Ofakim Vocational Staff, there will be plenty of etrogs ready for purchase on time, allowing people to avoid the last-minute holiday rush.

To order your set of Arba Minim, available at distribution centers throughout Israel, click here.

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