A Practical Visit to ADI Jerusalem for Shaare Tzedek Nursing Students

In honor of International Person’s with Disabilities Day, 80 students from Shaari Tzedek Hospital’s nursing program visited ADI Jerusalem to get a first-hand look at the various therapies, rehabilitation programs and care provided to residents and students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and complex medical issues.

During a tour of the facility, the nursing students visited ADI’s high dependency wing, seeing in practice the care bestowed upon people needing full-scale, round-the-clock nursing assistance. Both students and teachers were impressed with the love, warmth and dedication discernible in the care conferred upon every resident and student.

“If ADI students ever need the services offered by Shaarei Tzedek, your amazing dedication and devotion will be the measuring stick that will guide us in the care we provide,” declared one of the teachers.

Before leaving ADI, a number of students asked to be employed by ADI Jerusalem after their graduation. Other students added their names to the ever-growing list of ADI volunteers.

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