A New Lesson for Hebrew University Medical Students

Students standing around the pool סטודנטים עומדים מסביב לבריכה

Hebrew University medical students visited ADI Jerusalem for an up-close meeting with students, residents and staff as part of the mandatory class “Man and Medicine.” The compulsory course plays an important role in students’ medical education and training by bringing them in contact with different sectors of society and enabling them to hear different perspectives about various medical issues. ADI Jerusalem ranks high on the list of accredited venues included as part of this important course.

While at ADI Jerusalem, students were able to look in on classroom activity in the Special Education School, after which they met with Rikki Freilich, head nurse, and Moishi Ben Zev, head nurse of ADI’s new respiratory wing. ADI Jerusalem CEO Shlomit Grayevsky spoke with the group and expounded upon the importance of the humanitarian aspect of medicine, sharing concepts that will remain with the physicians-to-be throughout their careers.

ADI Jerusalem places great importance on exposing students of faculties such as education, welfare and medicine to the population of children and young adults who participate in the center’s various programs, residential and out-patient. Visits to ADI Jerusalem help sharpen sensitivities and provide students with concepts that will enable them to fully serve all members of the community.

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