A Gift of Love from the Netherlands

ילד משחק עם משחק עץ מחובר לקיר Child playing with wall-attached wooden game

Piet and Trudy van der Vlist from the city of Steenwijk in the Netherlands donated their entire remaining stock of pedagogic special-needs developmental toys to the children of ADI Jerusalem.

Piet and Trudy’s story is fascinating. Piet began his career as a ship-builder, working for many years in ship-manufacturing, eventually becoming a topnotch carpenter. Trudy, who grew up with a sister with special needs, studied nursing. After completing her schooling, Trudy took some time off to travel to Israel and work on a kibbutz. Periodic visits turned Trudy and Piet into big supports of Israel.

At some point in their lives, Piet and Trudy had the opportunity to open a small woodwork factory, making furniture and other wood constructions. Whenever possible, they also created unique toys for children with special needs.

This year, Piet and Trudy decided to retire and close their wood factory, resolving to donate all of their remaining toys to children in Israel with special needs. ADI Jerusalem was the lucky recipient of Piet and Trudy’s stock of exclusive, hand-crafted toys.


ADI’s professional staff recently received the boxes of toys and were amazed by the excellence and pedagogical superiority of each object. The diverse collection included hand-held toys as well as toys to be affixed to the wall. ADI residents are already enjoying the quality toys, shipped specially for them from the Netherlands.

Thank you, Piet and Judy. We look forward to hosting you and showing you in person the joy and happiness you have brought to students and residents of ADI Jerusalem.

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