On Monday, June 13, 2016, a procession of over 300 marchers, including children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities under the care of ADI, their families, caregivers, and volunteers and friends from around the globe, set out from ADI’s Jerusalem facility to cross over the Jerusalem Chords Bridge. Known as “ADI Marches Forward,” the annual event is a powerful and symbolic display that encourages the integration and acceptance of Israel’s disabled community within Israeli society (“bridging the gap”).

Numerous members of the Jerusalem Police Department who trained with ADI children for the Jerusalem Marathon held earlier this year showed up in uniform to lead the march. The festivities were capped off with singing, dancing, and a ceremony during which hundreds of balloons were released into the air to signify the buoyant spirit and unrestricted potential of Israel’s disabled children.

Though we didn’t march a great distance, we covered a lot of ground for the disabled community in Israel. Thank you to all who participated!